Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mini Review - Forgeworld Daemonhunters Dreadnought

When Daemonhunters were originally released as a Warhammer 40k army, despite thier similar kinship to Vanilla Space Marines, they were still considered a breath of fresh air to the followers of the Emporer. Or at least, that's how I saw it.

So it's no suprise I couldn't stop myself from starting a Daemonhunters army, and a pure one at that. Not long after thier release, Forge World clearly recognised thier very distinct design, quickly releasing variations on the usual SM options that crossed over - namely, the Dreadnought.

They are available with the usual selection of Forge World arms (which can be seen at with two special options - the Psycannon and a Close Combat Weapon modelled after the Nemesis Force Weapons that all Grey Knights are equipped with. This is a really great touch, setting the Grey Knights Dreadnought just that little bit further apart from your usual Vanilla options.

The kit looks great, comes together with great ease, and is superbly detailed. It fits in perfectly with the GW Grey Knight marines and Terminators - really it's what Games Workshop should have done in the first place. I painted this quite a while ago and will be improving a few of the features shortly (namely the eyes and the 2 front display bits) but apologies for the poor painting in the finished product below.

UPDATE: I also noticed on the Forge World site, another variant on the Grey Knights Dreaddie. I think if I wanted a second one, I would probably get it just to add a bit more variance to the army. However I still like the first one they brought out - it just appears to have more detail. Although the new one does look alot more like the Vanilla options. New model below:

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