Saturday, April 4, 2009

Combat Patrol Madness!

So the landraider is aaaaaaaaaaalmost done (I know, longest Land raider projecter since forever hey?) I'm actually quite happy with how it's come along.

Anyways where I commonly play down the road holds a game every Saturday. So I haven't been able to participate in most of the matches as I dont have enough points ready in either my SM, Daemonhunters, Tau (40k) or Ogre Kingdoms (Fantasy) armies. They do let you play with placeholders, but for some reason I just can't convince myself to do that. So anyway yesterday was 400pt combat patrol matches.

I remembered at the absoloute last second, realised I didn't have a patrol list written, so quickly (5 mins) mocked this up:

Inquisitor - Melta Bombs, Power Fist, Needle Pistol and Power Armor
Vindicare Assasin
7 GreyKnights
1 w/ Psycannon
1 Justicar

Like I said, it was a last second thing - so I glued my Vindicare together, used a SM Vet I had for the Inquisitor, and off I went. I'm going to do an 'Army Building' tips list in the near future (will be linked on FtW) and one of the tips will be - ensure you have all bases covered, especially in small games. This is something I normally go by, but I really didnt have time to refine.

First game was against Orks, same player as last time I played against them. He fielded 2 squads of boys, (16 and 20 strong) and 2 killa kans (one with a custom mega blaster, or something, and one with a rokkit launcher). Needless to say my poor list ensured most battles were over very quickly.

My dice lords were not so kind that dauy to me either - but more on that later - so my opponent got to deploy and go first. Severely outnumbered I almost expected a massacre just from the shooting phase, but lucky me I didn't even get scratched! lobbys of bullets bounced off my Grey Knights. In retaliation the Vindicare Assasin fired a Turbo Penetrator at the Killa Kans, Immobilising one of them. My GreyKnights managed to take out a couple of Boyz too, thinning the mob a little, while the inquisitor fired wildly at nothing.

Turn 2 and my GreyKnights only took one casualty before they charged the Killa Kans tearing them to shreds and leaving them both wrecked. The vindicare took out his Nob with power klaw, while the Inquisitor again fired wildly at nothing. Here I was thinking maybe my 8 man 'Surgically precise attack force' actually had a chance.. how wrong I was

Turn 3 came around, and my opponent called his WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! charging in and hitting the GreyKnights and Inquisitor hard, only 10 boyz tore my GreyKngihts limb from limb, while 20 other boyz merely wounded the Inquisitor, before he punched himself in the face 3 times (yes, three 1s). He fell quickly on the next turn.

I then faced the Eldar, comprised of a Warlock, a squad of striking scorpions, a squad of guardians with a scatter laser weapons platform, and a warwalker with scatter lasers. I now really hate scatter lasers. The first four turns were completely uneventful. One of his guardians died, and one of my Grey Knights died as I ran at him hard. His guardians and scorpions just shuffled around behind cover, while my Vindicare and Inquisitor missed everything.

At the start of turn 5 however, his guardians jumped out from cover and fired, ready to assault my Grey Knights - only for me to fail almost all my saves, and have the whole squad wiped out immediately. His war walker then promptly tore my assasin to shreds, before my Inquisitor put his power fist through it, shrugging off the massive explosion as he did so.

He almost turned the tide of the entire battle on the last turn, charging his guardians and causing them to went to turn and run - if only the opposing player didnt get to re-roll his leadership test, passing only JUST, ending the game in another loss for me.

Things were looking grim, and then came the Tau. This time I was against two Crisis battlesuits, 3 Stealthsuits, and a squad of around 12 firewarriors. Cearly rallied by the Inquisitors valiant effort against the heretic Eldar the Grey Knights decided to pick up thier game. Unfortunately the Vindicar Assasin must have been jealous, and decided to not aim for this match (yes, i rolled 1s every time I used him).

Turn 1 and 2 saw the slow advance of the Grey Knights, shrugging off a barrage of Pulse rounds all the way, and taking out the stealth suits with ease as they passed. Meanwhile the Vindicare struggled to get into position to take out a Crisis suit, as the inquisitor plowed in towards the fire warriors.

Turn 3 started with a scare, as the Vindicare was felled along with the Inquisitor. Rallied by the fall of thier hero, the Grey Knights charged into combat with the fire warriors, tearing them to shreds by turn 5; where they charged straight at the first Crisis suit and tore it limb from limb. The second crisis suit jumped back the full 12" (move, fire, assault jump - Tau are great like that) leaving him out of assault range.

The Grey Knights trundled forward as they were picked off a couple at a time with the game ending on Turn 6 with Victory to the Daemonhunters! 305 victory points to me, 290 to my enemy. I was very impressed given the nature of my list.

My final match was a very very short one against Eldar again, ending within three turns. This time there were some Harlequins which I was not aware of how painful they can be. The assasin and inquisitor were taken out in turn two, after two failed sniper shots (yes, 1s again), and a failed assault. The Grey Knights were wiped out with a poor armor save in turn 3, by pistols.. you wouldnt think I could roll that many 1s and 2s.

All in all it was alot of fun. I hadn't played a combat patrol game before and I really like the rules. I learnt a bit more about tactics for the Daemonhunters, and I now have another list to spend some time refining. Fun stuff!

I've also put together an assault squad and half a tactical squad thisafternoon (sunday) with my girlfriend, who's thinking of getting into Warhammer Fantasy. She's learning assembly, converting and painting from the Orks in the starter box, and has her first squad of Boyz assembled and ready for spray. I have to say she's done pretty well, and experimented with a few simple conversions (re-posing). I'll be sure to post pics of everything as they get done. As I said the Land Raider is almost done. It has a centerpiece feature that is now 'assembled' and ready for paint before dissasmbly and attaching it to the tank. I'm hoping it comes out as planned ;)

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