Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's Aliiiiiiive It's ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! (Landraider completed :) )

Well that certainly took long enough didn't it? I'm really happy with the finished product - it's about as good as I can manage at my current skill level. I know there are alot of better painters out there and this is probably not even upto thier "table qualiy" level, but I still think it looks pretty cool :)

So anyways the final touch was laid today - I've been bitten by some kind of ridiculous bug that has given me an alergic reaction, I can't paint very well and i only had to do some shading to finish, so I did so and got it ready for post! Here it is:

Like the Genestealer squish? I think there's a little bit too much green blood though. I'd never painted a Tyranid before, and to be honest I almost wish I never do agian. It wasn't particularly difficult, the whole process just felt awkward somehow. If anyone's interested in reproducing it's colour scheme, it's pretty simple. Enchanted blue for the plated body bits, bleached bone for the bone/scaley bits, claws and teeth, and Fiery orange for the skin like bits, like the hands and tongue. Then just two thick coats of Devlan mud, and voila.

I found assembling and painting the landraider to be a bit of a task. At first I wanted to paint the interior, so I put that part together, undercoated, and started to paint. I think if I ever want to do that again, I'll paint each interior bit seperately before glueing any of it together at all. I ended up leaving the interior alone and just painting it black, it's only for table play anyways.

I actually assembled the landraider twice, as the first time I found the glue I was using to be horrible, it actually fell apart with the smallest amount of pressure. The first time it went together fine, but the second time for some reason parts just didnt sit right. I managed to get it almost perfect, although there is one really obvious seam near the tracks on the top - damn!

The glue I used the second time through is actually one of the strongest and quickest setting glues Ive had experience with, and it's clean! I highly recommend it, it's called 'Selleys Plastics Glue' and in Australia it's available at Bi-Lo, Coles, and probably alot of other stores. to back up my claim above, I found it set to a usable level within 5 seconds, and after a few minutes, it was almost impossible to seperate glued parts. It comes with a primer texta, and an adhesive tube. You just prime both sides you're going to glue, put a dab of adhesive, and put them together - never to be seperated ever again.

All in all the kit was really high quality, with quite a few options and extra bitz, not too bad on the seam lines, and it fit together like it should - Great Kit! Painting it was alot of fun too! I hadn't painted something this large since my Tau Hammerhead - and that was a few years ago (and not quite as large). It was also the first time I'd used the Citadel 'Devlan Mud' wash on anything - you can see on the tracks where ive tried to make some mud splatter effects. It actually comes out really well - I recommend it to anyone wanting a quick way to create any kind of 'dirty' look - and as I found out, it's good for shading Tyranids too :)

One of the cool things that I found, for me, is that the tank commander and pintle mounts sit really well in their spots without glue.. This is really awesome for me as I have a Daemonhunters AND a Space Marines force. I have a Grey Knight Tank Commander from that I need to paint, but they swap out really easily! That SM guy there is just sitting there, and the GK guy sits there just as well. It means I can swap out the tank commander for versatility easily - just to keep things looking uniform. Which reminds me - you'll notice the doors on the Landrainder are slightly different too! They're the Daemonhunters ones from aswell - pretty neat hey?

I wanted to be really thorough with this model, so I painted some more details underneath on the tracks aswell - a fair bit of mud over it, aswell as some reasonable amounts of blood splatter (hehehehe SQUISH! hehehehehehe) as you see here:

Next game I get to play, I'll be sure to field it, I'm really interested to see how it goes! Well that's it from me, I really hope you like the finished product, I know I do! :) Cyas


  1. Just a note: next time you build a landraider, put the pintle mount on the front scket, then it has a longer range in front of it!

  2. ooo sneaky...

    Great job and liking the squished genestealer, I need to show this to our infamous nid player at my club...heh heh heh

  3. Lol! I love the roadkill...

  4. Ah, thanks for the tip Gamers World, didnt even cross my mind :) And thanks guys for the comments :)

  5. Well done. And as far as Gamers World's comment, same goes for the side sponsons... besides, you don't want your troops exiting out of the vehicle directly in line of fire of your sponson.

    Love the road-kill ;)