Sunday, April 19, 2009

Landraider Crusader - Battle Testing

Howdy to all again!

So I got to test the Land Raider Crusader yesterday in a 1500 pt 'Alien Booty' game. I'm not going to do a full battle report as all it would be is a lesson on poor tactics (on my part). Basically:

  • I forgot to field my Dreadnought, which was silly
  • I forgot to assault with a squad of Grey Knights one turn, resulting in everyone but the Justicar dying painfully.
  • I wasted a whole squad of Grey Knight Terminators - trying to surround the enemy and going around the board, I underestimated the distance. It took them 6 turns to get around the board, only to shoot once... what a waste
  • I didn't realise position my Land Raider well, nor did I realise I could embark, and then move it.

So there you go. Squad of the match goes to the Grey Knight Terminators that I actually did utilise - they tore through the opponents Daemons like nobodies business, and I never failed a 2+ save all game.

Man of the match goes to the above mentioned Justicar (with Artificer armor, 2+ save wootage, see above ;) ) who single handedly tore 3 flamer daemons to shreds, put the smack down on some unknown multi-wound daemon, and then held his ground against a squad of nurgle daemons, 10 strong.

Anyways I found on a whole it was a really effective platform for mowing down large amounts of troops, and highly recommend it. The hurricane bolters did amazingly well, as you'd expect 6 twin linked rapid fire weapons to do - and the assault cannon only made it scarier - a twin linked heavy 4 weapon, with Rending. As it was a Grey Knights tank, it also had a Pintle mounted multimelta, however it didn't get used as I was moving around at cruising speed all day. I have a friend who plays a very troop heavy Chaos army - I'd be interested to see how much of an advantage it gives me against him.

As a final side note, as I now realise some people actually read this blog (you awesome people you :P) I was hoping on some input on my battle reports. I will be taking a camera to my next match for a bit of visual support - does anyone have any feedback or requests on future battle reports?

Signing out


UPDATE: pictures added, as per popular request :P On a side note, I received another product from Forgeworld yesterday, ohhhh what could it be, suspenseful! :)


  1. Sounds like the dice gods smiled upon you!

    I think we're all picture-whores when it comes to blogging, so the camera is a good idea.

  2. I am think of adding a landraider to my 7K of marines. The crusader is probably be the first since it can carry a deathwing squad plus Belial in the DA codex while the normal one cannot.

  3. You can alomst hear the crowd chanting for pictures... at least throw us a bone and show us the LRC.

  4. Thanks for the input!

    I'll be sure to post up a new LRC photo tonite for this post, and will be taking plenty photos in all my future battles - thanks Ron and Itkovan :)

    Erio - highly recommend it for you, its really easy to defend it against Close Combat as its an assault vehicle, so you've usually assaulted your target before they can youch you there anyways :) Just look out for those meltas and such :)

  5. Tips on battle reporting

    TAKE PICTURES. Many of times I have taken the camera and forgotten to take pictures only to kick my self just after the battle has wrapped up.

  6. Best tactic for land raiders are to use them in combination with a fleeting character.

    I.e. Shrike
    Take shrike and entire army get fleet so You load up your LRC and put them as close as the enemy as possible usually right on the deployment line directly across from the enemy and on your first turn blitz like crazy, having those LRC move at cruising speed and then have those termies or what ever pop out two inches in front of the LRC. Since the fleeting rule takes the place of shooting you fleet your guys and then assault with them, usually a first turn assault with something like TH.SS termies really jacks up an enemies plan.