Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Space Marine Command Squad (Mostly Finished)


More completed minis! This time a little ways off from my usual Daemonhunters - I've had a few Space Marines hanging around for a while, and this is actually only the first squad I've finished! Note: I hate white

Yeh, ok so I haven't decided on a name or heraldry for the chapter yet, though I'm mostly decided on calling them "The Black Hand" or something similar. I found that painting the power fists black looked really cool with the purple, so now all of them have black left hands. Note: Skull White can jump off a cliff

Behold, generic Melta dude! This was the first one I painted and all in all im fairly happy with it. Main colour you see is the Hormagaunt Purple foundation paint, skulls and other details are in shining gold, with a flesh wash, and shading is just purple ink. I'm thinking I should go buy a new pot of bleached bone for the shoulders, I had alot of trouble getting it to look ok. I think for actually fielding the squad, I'd be using the flamer guy I have (currently unpainted). I'll have to work out a alternate option for tank-busting in the list :) Mental Note: always white.. all the white.. . skull white on the walls.. I didnt do it I swear

I thought for the Veteran Sarg that bolter and Power Fist works best. From reading the rules, Power Fists don't get +1 attacks for having 2 CCW, unless their both Power Fists. Correct me if I'm wrong though, as it wouldnt be too much effort to swap it for a bolt pistol. He's white.. not skull white, but I still hate him.. the jerk

I really like the champion and the poses you can get him in. I'm particularly happy with this one, as I think he looks pretty dynamic. I decided as the champion he'd need to be a bit more distinguished, so I went with the Shining Gold/Flesh Wash mix on the helmet. No white on him

The Standard Bearer was, well, pretty much standard! I haven't 100% decided on heraldry design yet, so the standard remains blank for now, along with all thier left shoulders :) Standard is almost white.. bone white.. bleached.. yes.

Finally the Apothecary. Faaaaaar out I hate white. To distinguish him as part of the team, I made his shoulder pad outlines Hormaugaunt purple, and he has the left black hand too. Also as you can see, he's otherwise white, which was freaking annoying. All my ranting about white is down to this individual. Overall he looks good on the table, but on closer inspection you can see it the white isnt very pure looking. He was undercoared white, followed by three thin coats of skull white, and I still don't think it looks quite right. Either way, table play is what they're for, so I guess it'll do :)

As I type this, I'm waiting for my Space Marine Captain to dry. He's not white! I did spend alot of time on him for a marine, and overall, again tabletop wise, I'm really happy with the result. i'll keep you all hanging for photos of him though, will post it in a day or 3 :P



update: formatting fixed, woot!


  1. Ive found that a thin coat of space wolf grey after priming the model helps bring out the detail of white models.

  2. Great looking Command Squad mate, the individual poses look brilliant!

  3. Lookin' good, keep it up. :)