Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Albrek's Grey Knights vs. The Aussie Prophet's Chaos Space Marines

Battle Report! It's been a while since I've done one - and here's the first with pics!!

Here's my Daemonhunters:

I forgot a few of my Storm Trooper minis at home, so I just fielded a squad of 5, and had a tau as a stand in for the melta. I'm also a squad short of GK Termies, so again, the SM ones are a stand in. Here's the list:

1x Grand Master
- Nemesis Force weapon + Storm bolter
4x Grey Knight Terminators retinue
- 1x Incinerator

5x Storm Troopers
- 1x Melta gun 1x Plasma gun

1x Grey Knight Justicar
4x Grey Knight Marines
- 1x Incinerator

1x Brother Captain
- Nemesis Force weapon + Storm Bolter
3x Grey Knight Terminators

1x Grey Knight Dreadnought
- 1x Psycannon, 1x Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon w/ Incinerator

1x Land Raider Crusader
- 1x Pintle mounter Storm Bolter

And my opponent:

Quite a formiddable force. Not sure on all the specifics, but it looked like:

1x Daemon Prince
- Wings

1x Khorne Champion
7x Khorne Beserkers
(3 of these, with random wargear)

1x Chaos Dreadnought
- 2x Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons / bolters

4 x Chaos Terminators
- 1x Reaper Assault Cannon

1x Land Raider
- Havoc Launcer not played (couldnt afford)

So it worked out around 1250 points each. And so, the battle began!

Turn 1 was very uneventful. Chaos got to move first, and just moved his troops up, not much else happened.

I tried to be as tactical as possible, as I knew my enemy had much more experience than I. I ran forward with my Grey Knights hoping to use them as a Decoy, while I ran in with the Dreadnought, hoping to get into Close Combat with his Land Raider before it was torn apart. I kept my Terminators back, knowing they'd be out of assault range of the prince. A few shots were fired on both sides, but almost no casualties were taken.

Turn 2 is where the fun REALLY started. Again Chaos made a slow advance. There were few troop casualties, but a shot from the Land Raider's Lascannon tore my Dreadnought in two. I was fearing for my own Land Raider's safety. My distraction had served my purpose with the troops. They were JUST out of his charge range as planned. So when my turn came, I hit his Beserkers HARD.

The combat was short lived, and quite a massacre, resolving very quickly, though I did lose a couple of Grey Knights.

And then the tides turned on me. Heavily. His Terminators wiped out all but the Justicar of the Grey Knights squad. My HQ is charged by the Chaos Dreadnought, locking them into a difficult battle (6s to glance). The other squad was engaged by the Daemon Prince, leaving the Justicar all alone. There were alot of casualties, thought the Prince did take a wound.

My turn came - I decided that the last thing the Grand Master needed was a squad of terminators breathing down his neck, while juggling the Dreadnought aswell. And so the lonely Justicar did the only thing he could, charge them down.

All the while the Land Raider is being battered elsewhere. I kept reversing and firing the hurricane bolters, only to be assaulted again, risking complete destruction, but managing to take out another squad of beserkers.

The assault phase didn't go well. The Justicar succeeded in occupying the Terminators, however I was reduced to the Grand Master and Brother Captain duking it out one on one with thier respecive targets

It appeared my ecstatic Chaos opponent was bound to win. I did however, have just one more trick up my sleeve... Here my opponent is, celebrating his victory early, at the start of Turn 5.

Only for him to be greeted with Rending goodness. Take THAT Daemon Prince! HAHA! I won't be going down without a fight!

After which, my final piece - the Land Raider -was promptly torn to itty bitty bits by his Dreadnought. Darn!

All in all it was a really fun game. It was the first time my opponent had fielded his Land Raider, so he had alot of fun learning it's strengths. He's a really strong player, and I haven't beaten him ever, despite several matches.

I have a few ideas for our next game. I'll get you eventually - and when I do, the victory will be sweet!


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