Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Army Building: My way, in 10 easy steps


Sorry about the lack of painting and posts lately. I have a squad of SM scouts ready to be painted, but you may not see them for a bit.

A couple of the guys I play with have asked me how I make up my Army Lists, as I tend to have some unusual lists from time to time. They're not always the most efficient lists, but I enjoy playing with them and get a kick out of it too.

So here's the steps and rules I follow. Remember these are not going to be any good for most people, and the army lists I tend to make do not maximise the effectiveness, or versatility of the points of the match, in fact they're almost counter intuitive. But hey, I'm weird like that :D
  1. Fluff: I love a good story. I have a habit of selecting special characters and kitting out HQ squads with whatever sounds or looks the best. For example I had a Tau Farsight 750 point list I loved playing, even though my non-Farsight list was way better.
  2. Awesome-o-meter: If it sounds/looks awesome, I'll take it. This is why my SM Command Squad includes a Sarg with two power fists, henceforth known as 'Mr Punchy Punch'
  3. Cover the bases: I always make sure I have a few high Str weapons available. As much as I love having a pure Daemonhunters force, Str 6 just doesn't cut it against dreadnoughts or multi wound high Toughness units, letalone Landraiders. Always ensure you have a couple of Str 8 or 9 weapons avialable, with some survivability.
  4. Combat Patrol: Also known as 40k in 40 mins. When making a list for these kind of games, always reassess your options. e.g. A Grey Knights Purgation squad maybe pretty useless in a normal game, but 3 or more Incinerators in a squad can become deceptively formiddable in these games if used correctly.
  5. Know your Enemy: but don't be a jerk. One of the most common foes I have is Aussie Prophet's Chaos list. It never, ever, ever changes (except when a new codex comes out). I could specifically tailor a list to exploit all of his weakness, and defend against his strengths, but I don't see how that would be fun. (see point 1 and 2 for background). Winning isn't that important, but it is Eleventy Billion times more sweeter when you win with an army designed to your tastes, rather than to specifically be a killing machine.
  6. Waste not want not: Having something in your army that's awesome is always, well, awesome! But if it's awesomely useless, why bother? I'm sure there's another choice that may actually serve a better purpose, while retaining it's awesome factor :)
  7. Visibility: Ensure your options and thier benefits are always clear to you. Codecies ensure your options are right there in front of your googly lil eyes, but unless you've memorised all the stats and special effects of every weapon, the benefits aren't clear. I always use Army Builder - a simple right-click shows me everything I need to know, and may give me a page number for special rules too!
  8. Revise: The three Rs, Revise, Revise, Revise. After every match, think about where your list could be improved. Ask these questions: Which of the enemies units caused you the most grief? What are it's specs and stats? What can I do to defend against it better, tactics and list wise? What can I do to destroy it quicker, tactics and list wise? Which of my units caused the enemy the most grief? How can I capatilise on this, tactics and list wise?
  9. Don't do the math: Like I said, I don't maximise the lists I write. Some people out there may tell you that having two thunderhammers on your Terminator Captain is 57.634% more capable in Close Combat only, whereas thier wargear setup increases the capabilities of thier captain as a whole by 86.37%. I say, shoosh and roll the dice so I can squish you.
  10. Have fun!: See point 9. Writing an army list shouldn't by labourious, you should be having fun and thinking "How awesome can I make that look!" or "This is going to kick ass" etc. etc.
If anyone out there decides to make a list following my 10 easy steps to being underpowered (or already does) let me know how you go!



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  1. For me, fluff, coolness and models tend to influence my army list more than other stuff. I've got a Inquisitor Lord in my latest WH list, when really for the points I should drop him and take another Excorcist or Retributors, but I love the model and I love the =I= background.