Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Inquisitorial Stomrtroopers!


So for my Daemonhunters army, I usually field 1 or 2 squdas of basic stomr troopers, with 1 Melta gun and 1 Plasma gun.

I've actually been a bit ahead with my posts, so these were actualyl completed a few days ago. I have to say these minis have been the worst so far for flash lines that needed to be cleaned up. I thought about waiting for the plastic Kasrkins and Cadians, but decided against it.

They're still pretty nice minis. I chose a very basic colour scheme for them. Fortress grey for the clothing, and a nice dark dark green for the armor plates. The flash on the camera actually makes it look quite bright - the sight and the cabling on the guns is actually Enchanted Blue.

Normally for sights and such, I put a lil white dot in the top corner to make it look shiny, which works quite well. I found it doesn't seem to have the same effect with the visors on the Kasrkin models. I'll have to try a few different things :)



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