Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Meet Mr. Punchy Hands

When I said I would punch you last, I lied.

I mentioned in my lasy post an upgrade in wargear to someone, and this is he! It's the Sarg from the Command Squad seen earlier, who was previously equipped with the power fist, and a Bolt pistol.

So anyways the other day I went through the 5th ed rules again, and the SM codex, and saw something I hadn't noticed before. I hadn't played Space Marines before, so hadn't realised that if you take a Power Fist (or other things such as Lightning Claws) only get an additional attack for 2 CCWs if it's the same weapon.

So of course I figured, why not. an additional str 8 attack, at Initiative 1, is bound to still be more useful than a bolt pistol, even if it's master crafted :)

I'm really looking forward to fielding my Space Marine army, will be fun! :D



  1. It is not really that the bolt pistol is not useful it is whether 1 more attack is worth x points. Since this is a five member unit where everyone but the apothecary can be upgraded, ask the question: Is it better to have 1 marine with 2 fists giving 4 powerfist attacks on the charge or 2 marines with 1 fist each giving 6 powerfist attacks on the charge or perhaps 1 marine with a powerfist, 1 champion with the powerweapon, 2 with meltabombs.

  2. I vote, 2 marines with 2 fists each for 8 attacks :D

    Points wise, I'm spending alot on the Command Squad to keep them as formiddable as possible. I always like fielding a strong HQ choice. I'll see how it fields when they're ready for play :)

  3. That´s punch! :D

    You have been linked! ;D