Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mini Review - Forgeworld Daemonhunters Dreadnought

When Daemonhunters were originally released as a Warhammer 40k army, despite thier similar kinship to Vanilla Space Marines, they were still considered a breath of fresh air to the followers of the Emporer. Or at least, that's how I saw it.

So it's no suprise I couldn't stop myself from starting a Daemonhunters army, and a pure one at that. Not long after thier release, Forge World clearly recognised thier very distinct design, quickly releasing variations on the usual SM options that crossed over - namely, the Dreadnought.

They are available with the usual selection of Forge World arms (which can be seen at with two special options - the Psycannon and a Close Combat Weapon modelled after the Nemesis Force Weapons that all Grey Knights are equipped with. This is a really great touch, setting the Grey Knights Dreadnought just that little bit further apart from your usual Vanilla options.

The kit looks great, comes together with great ease, and is superbly detailed. It fits in perfectly with the GW Grey Knight marines and Terminators - really it's what Games Workshop should have done in the first place. I painted this quite a while ago and will be improving a few of the features shortly (namely the eyes and the 2 front display bits) but apologies for the poor painting in the finished product below.

UPDATE: I also noticed on the Forge World site, another variant on the Grey Knights Dreaddie. I think if I wanted a second one, I would probably get it just to add a bit more variance to the army. However I still like the first one they brought out - it just appears to have more detail. Although the new one does look alot more like the Vanilla options. New model below:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back to the FUTURE! WH40k 5th edition, thoughts.

Wow.. I'm posting on my blog - scary hey!

As of late, I'd been itching to paint some miniatures that I've had sitting around for a while. And so, I've been getting back into Warhammer 40k after a good 2 year hiatus, and intend on starting up a Warhammer Fantasy army (Ogre Kingdoms). A few things have changed while I've been busy with life, and now that I'm focusing a little more on my hobbies, I figured the least I could do is post up a quick few thoughts. In the future, I hope to post up some pics of minis that I painted when I first got into 40k, as well as of the latest minis I've bought, with little mini-reviews and all! perhaps even some more battle reports.

So my first proper game of 5th edition was last Saturday, here's a quick report on the battle:

It was a 1250 point match (of which I was a bit short) - I fielded my Grey Knights, against my opponents shiny new Ork army. I had 2 squads of 5 grey knights (one with a psycannon and the other with an incinerator), a Brother-Captain with a retinue of 4 GK Terminators (with an incinerator), Another squad of 5 GK terminators, and a Land Raider.

My opponent (who's name starts with G, though I can't for the life of me remember) fielded (apologies, i don't remember everything)3 squads of 10 boyz each, led by a nob, with transport (a looted rhino, and a ork trukk), a squad of nobz, a scary Warboss, A mekboy with a kustom force field thing, a mad dok (feel no pain, damn you!) 5 Meganobz ( i think) 3 dethkoptas, 3 killa kans, some kind of 'eavy weapon squad and 2 blast cannon weapons (zapp guns? dunno)

We played a Dawn of War scenario, turn 1 starts at night, my opponent got to set up first, fielding his 2 troop choices + transport, and his HQ squad. I opted to be a little more cautious and fielded my HQ, as far back as I could, and just 1 of my GK squads. After which I seized the initiative, allowing my opponent to go first anyways.

Turn 1 and 2 were looking up for me - as I trudged slowly towards the objective I was taking out 5-6 of his boyz at a time with the fire from my advancing troops - bringing on the rest of my army in turn 2, I ran forward, almost getting a lot of my troops into close combat, where they excel. My opponent floundered, continually forgetting to bring on his dethkoptas.

Turn 3 was fairly even match - I charged forward. annihilating his squads as I broke upon them, taking out his boyz squad, and HQ + retinue in one foul swoop, losing only a couple of troops in the process. With a troop choice right on top of the objective, I could already smell victory!

It was short lived however. My eagerness to cleanse the Green Tide caused me to put my troops and HQ in a vulnerable position, and both were charged by boyz, nobz, and killa kans alike. They fought bravely, but by the end of the turn only my Brother-Captain remained in the enemy fray by the end of turn 4. - and my opponent finally remembered his dethkoptas

Turn 5 was painful, my brother-captain fell, completely surrounded by orks and their killa kans and overwhelmed, and my opponent finally got some good shots in with their boyz and eavy weapons. by the end of turn 5, only the landraider, a squad of terminators, and half of my Grey Knights remained - with my dreadnaught immobilised. Turn 6 never came...

All in all it was a lot of fun, and I won points wise for the match (it was part of a yearly tournament run here), 14 points to 13. Here's a list of some of the things I really liked, that were new, or that I'd forgotten about:
  • Running! yes you can run an additional D6 in the shooting phase (and ignore difficult terrain)! However you cannot shoot or assault when you do this - so it's really handy to get your units in that have deployed at table edge
  • Close Combat is so much easier now. When you're charged, you can move your minis 6 inches into the combat - makes much more sense, you wouldn't let a whole squad stand their dumbstruck with 20 orks charging them down, would you? Also the whole "throwing rocks" rule appears to be gone - awesome! Combat resolution has changed a bit too - 'fearless'- armies can take extra wounds if they don't run from combat, but can choose to (i believe) perform a "tactical retreat"
  • You cannot consolidate into another close combat now! YESSSSSSSSSSS my Tau army will no longer be insta-wiped the second anything comes into assault with them.
  • Blast markers - no such thing as partials anymore. Again makes the game easier to play, prevents arguments too!
  • Cover saves are so much better now, and no longer appear to be an option between either armor save, or cover. which makes much more sense, if the bullet doesn't hit a wall, why should it just rip through your armor with no save? You get a cover save to see if your hidey hole helps, then if you fail, you still get your armor save! games have become much more tactical and make more sense thanks to this.
  • Going to Ground - you can order your troops to go to ground, for a +1 cover save (so a 6+ save in open ground). but they cant do anything for their next turn while they get back up, but will still react to things normally (like being assaulted)
There really wasn't a lot I didn't like, in fact only two things I can think of:
  • The new Space Marine codex for 5th edition removes chapter creation rules.. It kinda sucks as I had a 4th edition army I was building with 'Take the Fight To Them'. So now I have 10 tactical marines with bolt pistols and Close Combat Weapons, they I cant use. I can either make them Black Templars (which I don't want to due to restricted army options) or convert them into Assault Marines (need to purchase jump packs).. kinda annoying.
  • Transition period. Yeh I know it's not the rules fault, but I payed another game later, a 4 man 750pt FFA, for fun. Orks vs Space Marines, vs Chaos Marines vs Daemonhunters, and we kept getting the 3rd, 4th and 5th edition rules mixed up, usually to the Chaos players favour.
All in all it was a lot of fun, I think GW have simplified the rules a lot making it easier to play once you're used to them, and makes it more noob friendly too. There's a few little extra things that would have previously confused the game, but now are so simple it's really lots of fun. Most importantly the rules make a lot more sense, in regards to how units actually react (although, I still think Tau should be allowed to fire into combat, 'for the greater good')

I also noticed in the 4 way battle, that chaos have had their ability to create ridiculously uber armies nerfed a little. It's actually really good, the Chaos army player had more points left over to take an extra elites choice (750 pts) and his ultra-unbeatable-super-duper untouchable chaos army, just became a challenging army. Very well balanced.

the 750 pt armies for the 4 way were:

Daemonhunters - Brother-Captain, 3 termies, 2x 5 GKs, Dreadnaught
Space Marines - Librarian, 2x 10 man Tactical squads, Vindicator tank
Orks - Warboss, 3x 10 boyz (lead by a nob, with a big shoota), 3 Killa Kans, Zzap gun, 4 Meganobz
Chaos - Chaos Lord, Possessed Dreadnaught, 2x 8 Khorne marines w/ champion, 3 chaos termies.