Monday, March 2, 2009

Don't Panic!

I'm still alive!

I know I know, only two posts, and then, silence! it's harrowing, eh? Well I've been working hard painting my SM Landraider Crusader. I haven't painted something of this size for quite some time (I painted a Baal predator back in 1998, then a Tau Hamm
erhead not long after the Tau came out, whenever that was) and am having trouble producing a result that I'm happy with.

I've decided to go with the twin hurricane bolters, twinlinked assault cannons and pintle mounted storm bolter. It is going to be for both my Space Marines chapter, and my Grey Knights; who both have thier own anti-tank style squads/wargear.

I've selected a colour I feel is nice and nutural between both armies (my Space Marines are Purple as a base colour) and have been working slowly and very deliberately. I would post progress shots, but my intermediatary stages are VERY messy.

I'm not painting the internals either - it just seems way too much effort to me I'd much rather spend more time working on the outside of it than painting buttons, screens and seats that can only be seen with the hatch open, and only just.

I'm fairly happy with how it's come together, although I've been using an awesome glue that has a slight setback. It's the Selly's plastics glue. Sets ridiculously hard in about 5 seconds (read: not an exagerration, the pack says 3 seconds) and so there are slight gaps in the body work. i might have to pick up some green stuff or something to fill them in.

Will post a full review and pics when completed - see you all soonish :)