Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Army Building: My way, in 10 easy steps


Sorry about the lack of painting and posts lately. I have a squad of SM scouts ready to be painted, but you may not see them for a bit.

A couple of the guys I play with have asked me how I make up my Army Lists, as I tend to have some unusual lists from time to time. They're not always the most efficient lists, but I enjoy playing with them and get a kick out of it too.

So here's the steps and rules I follow. Remember these are not going to be any good for most people, and the army lists I tend to make do not maximise the effectiveness, or versatility of the points of the match, in fact they're almost counter intuitive. But hey, I'm weird like that :D
  1. Fluff: I love a good story. I have a habit of selecting special characters and kitting out HQ squads with whatever sounds or looks the best. For example I had a Tau Farsight 750 point list I loved playing, even though my non-Farsight list was way better.
  2. Awesome-o-meter: If it sounds/looks awesome, I'll take it. This is why my SM Command Squad includes a Sarg with two power fists, henceforth known as 'Mr Punchy Punch'
  3. Cover the bases: I always make sure I have a few high Str weapons available. As much as I love having a pure Daemonhunters force, Str 6 just doesn't cut it against dreadnoughts or multi wound high Toughness units, letalone Landraiders. Always ensure you have a couple of Str 8 or 9 weapons avialable, with some survivability.
  4. Combat Patrol: Also known as 40k in 40 mins. When making a list for these kind of games, always reassess your options. e.g. A Grey Knights Purgation squad maybe pretty useless in a normal game, but 3 or more Incinerators in a squad can become deceptively formiddable in these games if used correctly.
  5. Know your Enemy: but don't be a jerk. One of the most common foes I have is Aussie Prophet's Chaos list. It never, ever, ever changes (except when a new codex comes out). I could specifically tailor a list to exploit all of his weakness, and defend against his strengths, but I don't see how that would be fun. (see point 1 and 2 for background). Winning isn't that important, but it is Eleventy Billion times more sweeter when you win with an army designed to your tastes, rather than to specifically be a killing machine.
  6. Waste not want not: Having something in your army that's awesome is always, well, awesome! But if it's awesomely useless, why bother? I'm sure there's another choice that may actually serve a better purpose, while retaining it's awesome factor :)
  7. Visibility: Ensure your options and thier benefits are always clear to you. Codecies ensure your options are right there in front of your googly lil eyes, but unless you've memorised all the stats and special effects of every weapon, the benefits aren't clear. I always use Army Builder - a simple right-click shows me everything I need to know, and may give me a page number for special rules too!
  8. Revise: The three Rs, Revise, Revise, Revise. After every match, think about where your list could be improved. Ask these questions: Which of the enemies units caused you the most grief? What are it's specs and stats? What can I do to defend against it better, tactics and list wise? What can I do to destroy it quicker, tactics and list wise? Which of my units caused the enemy the most grief? How can I capatilise on this, tactics and list wise?
  9. Don't do the math: Like I said, I don't maximise the lists I write. Some people out there may tell you that having two thunderhammers on your Terminator Captain is 57.634% more capable in Close Combat only, whereas thier wargear setup increases the capabilities of thier captain as a whole by 86.37%. I say, shoosh and roll the dice so I can squish you.
  10. Have fun!: See point 9. Writing an army list shouldn't by labourious, you should be having fun and thinking "How awesome can I make that look!" or "This is going to kick ass" etc. etc.
If anyone out there decides to make a list following my 10 easy steps to being underpowered (or already does) let me know how you go!



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers

as per with the last post, see below for the latest here! :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Inquisitorial Stomrtroopers!


So for my Daemonhunters army, I usually field 1 or 2 squdas of basic stomr troopers, with 1 Melta gun and 1 Plasma gun.

I've actually been a bit ahead with my posts, so these were actualyl completed a few days ago. I have to say these minis have been the worst so far for flash lines that needed to be cleaned up. I thought about waiting for the plastic Kasrkins and Cadians, but decided against it.

They're still pretty nice minis. I chose a very basic colour scheme for them. Fortress grey for the clothing, and a nice dark dark green for the armor plates. The flash on the camera actually makes it look quite bright - the sight and the cabling on the guns is actually Enchanted Blue.

Normally for sights and such, I put a lil white dot in the top corner to make it look shiny, which works quite well. I found it doesn't seem to have the same effect with the visors on the Kasrkin models. I'll have to try a few different things :)



Albrek's Grey Knights vs. The Aussie Prophet's Chaos Space Marines

Battle Report! It's been a while since I've done one - and here's the first with pics!!

Here's my Daemonhunters:

I forgot a few of my Storm Trooper minis at home, so I just fielded a squad of 5, and had a tau as a stand in for the melta. I'm also a squad short of GK Termies, so again, the SM ones are a stand in. Here's the list:

1x Grand Master
- Nemesis Force weapon + Storm bolter
4x Grey Knight Terminators retinue
- 1x Incinerator

5x Storm Troopers
- 1x Melta gun 1x Plasma gun

1x Grey Knight Justicar
4x Grey Knight Marines
- 1x Incinerator

1x Brother Captain
- Nemesis Force weapon + Storm Bolter
3x Grey Knight Terminators

1x Grey Knight Dreadnought
- 1x Psycannon, 1x Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon w/ Incinerator

1x Land Raider Crusader
- 1x Pintle mounter Storm Bolter

And my opponent:

Quite a formiddable force. Not sure on all the specifics, but it looked like:

1x Daemon Prince
- Wings

1x Khorne Champion
7x Khorne Beserkers
(3 of these, with random wargear)

1x Chaos Dreadnought
- 2x Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons / bolters

4 x Chaos Terminators
- 1x Reaper Assault Cannon

1x Land Raider
- Havoc Launcer not played (couldnt afford)

So it worked out around 1250 points each. And so, the battle began!

Turn 1 was very uneventful. Chaos got to move first, and just moved his troops up, not much else happened.

I tried to be as tactical as possible, as I knew my enemy had much more experience than I. I ran forward with my Grey Knights hoping to use them as a Decoy, while I ran in with the Dreadnought, hoping to get into Close Combat with his Land Raider before it was torn apart. I kept my Terminators back, knowing they'd be out of assault range of the prince. A few shots were fired on both sides, but almost no casualties were taken.

Turn 2 is where the fun REALLY started. Again Chaos made a slow advance. There were few troop casualties, but a shot from the Land Raider's Lascannon tore my Dreadnought in two. I was fearing for my own Land Raider's safety. My distraction had served my purpose with the troops. They were JUST out of his charge range as planned. So when my turn came, I hit his Beserkers HARD.

The combat was short lived, and quite a massacre, resolving very quickly, though I did lose a couple of Grey Knights.

And then the tides turned on me. Heavily. His Terminators wiped out all but the Justicar of the Grey Knights squad. My HQ is charged by the Chaos Dreadnought, locking them into a difficult battle (6s to glance). The other squad was engaged by the Daemon Prince, leaving the Justicar all alone. There were alot of casualties, thought the Prince did take a wound.

My turn came - I decided that the last thing the Grand Master needed was a squad of terminators breathing down his neck, while juggling the Dreadnought aswell. And so the lonely Justicar did the only thing he could, charge them down.

All the while the Land Raider is being battered elsewhere. I kept reversing and firing the hurricane bolters, only to be assaulted again, risking complete destruction, but managing to take out another squad of beserkers.

The assault phase didn't go well. The Justicar succeeded in occupying the Terminators, however I was reduced to the Grand Master and Brother Captain duking it out one on one with thier respecive targets

It appeared my ecstatic Chaos opponent was bound to win. I did however, have just one more trick up my sleeve... Here my opponent is, celebrating his victory early, at the start of Turn 5.

Only for him to be greeted with Rending goodness. Take THAT Daemon Prince! HAHA! I won't be going down without a fight!

After which, my final piece - the Land Raider -was promptly torn to itty bitty bits by his Dreadnought. Darn!

All in all it was a really fun game. It was the first time my opponent had fielded his Land Raider, so he had alot of fun learning it's strengths. He's a really strong player, and I haven't beaten him ever, despite several matches.

I have a few ideas for our next game. I'll get you eventually - and when I do, the victory will be sweet!


Meet Mr. Punchy Hands

When I said I would punch you last, I lied.

I mentioned in my lasy post an upgrade in wargear to someone, and this is he! It's the Sarg from the Command Squad seen earlier, who was previously equipped with the power fist, and a Bolt pistol.

So anyways the other day I went through the 5th ed rules again, and the SM codex, and saw something I hadn't noticed before. I hadn't played Space Marines before, so hadn't realised that if you take a Power Fist (or other things such as Lightning Claws) only get an additional attack for 2 CCWs if it's the same weapon.

So of course I figured, why not. an additional str 8 attack, at Initiative 1, is bound to still be more useful than a bolt pistol, even if it's master crafted :)

I'm really looking forward to fielding my Space Marine army, will be fun! :D


Monday, May 4, 2009

Der Commander! Finally pt2 :)

Sorry for the delay Ladies and Gents, I have been very busy! unfortunately, not with painting :(

Behold below, the Space Marine Commander:

I tried to spend as much time as I could on him. I know he's not perfect, but he's about as best as I could manage. He originally had a plasma pistol, but I decided later I didn't want to risk the 'Gets Hot!' rule spoiling my day, like it always tends to!

The posability is about as much as you could expect from a plastic mini with details like this, though I feel he'd look way better sans cape for me. There were heaps and heaps of options on the sprue - as should be obvious from a box that size for just one mini.

I highly rate the mini in general. I recommend anyone who has an old school commander mini to invest in the newer one, it's well worth it!

All in all I've been pretty pleased with my work lately. Again I know it's nowhere near the level of alot of other painters, but I've been thinking it's alot nicer to aspire to that level of quality, than to have to be almost OCD to feel the need to improve. On the other hand, I really need to up my game if I want to try any kind of cool effects, like glowy bits on plasma guns etc.

On a side note, I had a thorough read of the 5th ed Rulebook and the 5th ed Space Marine Codex. I learnt a few things I didn't know before. This caused me to make a slight change to one of my minis you guys have seen before, which I think is really awesome :)

I'll endeavour to post the pics of the mini that recently earned some more wargear before Friday, as I may be playing in the tourney this Saturday. It's been a lil since I've had a battle report, and it'll be the first with pics - should be sweet :)

Catch yas later!