Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scouts! scouting! as they do!

Well it's about time I got something painted!

Finished off a squad of scouts with sniper rifles and camo cloaks literally 30 minutes ago, and just couldn't wait to post something!

The kit wasn't too bad. It all fit together reasonably well. but to be honest the whole thing fit a little... blah with the fit. I did have to shave one of the eye visor things to get the gun to sit properly, and you really get almost no options for creating dynamic poses.. which is really what I normally love about most models.

It's clear that my painting skill has taken a bit of a hit during my slight hiatus, but overall I'm satisfied with the painting on these dudes.

I feel overall the kit is very low value. It's really hard, as the kit is only coming with one weapon option, sniper rifles. It would have been nice if the camo cloaks were a separate piece. The kit only comes with 4 cloaked snipers, the 5th dude is intended for a missile launcher.. if you want a sniper rifle, well the option is there, but no camo cloak.. seems kinda silly to me. For a kit with so few pieces, you'd think they could at least include one cloak for him somewhere.

Speaking of camo, before I tried it the idea of painting something that looked so complex was kinda daunting!

All in all though, I was really stoked with how the camo worked out. It actually turned out to be one of the easiest bits I've ever painted. I found the following suggested process to be an awesome key:

Pick 2 of the following: blots, squiggles, dashes, dots or arrow heads
Select a theme - e.g. urban, jungle, desert etc.
Choose 3 colours and shades that match that theme, one light, one dark, one neutral
the neutral colour is your primary colour - assign the light and dark to your first 2 choices, and away you go!!

I hope you all like the outcome, can't wait to field them :) Of course will give them special mention when I do, as I like to review their performance.

Over and out!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Alive? Why yes, yes I am

nobody panic!

I am indeed alive. Have not had much time to paint lately, but should do soon - am looking forward to it :D

I have also had a bit of a top secret project going on in the background. Of course, it will be revealed...eventually ;)