Thursday, February 4, 2010

Alive? why yes, yes I am - also, tyranids thoughts

Howdy all!

I should really set myself a schedule for updating my blog here. Currently the real world is pulling alot of my time away from the hobby, which is ok though I'm hoping things settle down by April :) I havent even had much time to paint lately (let alone post) though I do get a chance to game!

In the last 2 weeks Ive had two games against the new nids, a 400pt combat patrol an a 750 pt - against one of the store staff where I play (who is apparently quite well ranked in Aus tourneys). Of course I played Grey Knights, as my Marines are not yet finished. A loss and a draw respectively I've had. Here's a few quick thoughts on nids:

Swarm armies: It's been insinuated that the ability for this has been nerfed with the new dex.. I would have to say not so :) Tervigon's are the key to this. In the 750 pts game, I killed around 400 pts of nids by the end of turn 6, the final turn, and there were still about 800 pts of nids models on the tables. You see for each guant squad you take, you can take a Tervigon as a troop choice - and you can still take one as your HQ. My opponent ran out of models twice before I managed to get to a tervigon - it's easy to make a wall of gaunts to protect your tervigon, add to that even if you do get to him, it's Strength 6, Toughness 6, Wounds 6. It required my Grand Master's force weapon to take the damn things down and it took a while to wade through the waves and waves of gaunts that kept being spawned.

Rules: I think with 'nids the hardest thing against them is remembering any rules that are to your advantage. For example, when you kill a Tervigon, apparently all gaunt squads in 6" take 3d6 wounds. I did not know this and I think my opponent did not remember/was not aware. Someone clarify if this rule is correct?

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  1. Could you have shot the Tervigons?

    They are a monsterous creature which means they require 50% cover to get the cover save at all.

    The specific wording of Scuttling Swarm reads..." for every Termagant brood you can take one Tervigon as a troops choice."

    This is implicit that the Tervigon is not part of the Termagant brood but is a separate troop unit of its own. Further, Tervigons are not Independent Characters and cannot join another unit (for wound allocation). Even the Termagants they spawn are separate units!

    So, if you can muster the appropriate long range shooting you can eliminate the Tervigons by the second or third round.

    Also, you interpretation of the slain Tervigon rule is correct (3d6/Str 3/AP -/wounds)

  2. Yeh I did consider shooting straight at the Tervigons, there were 4 of them though. With 6 wounds each and 6 Toughness, and all I had was 7 Grey Knights, 5 Terminators (inc. my grand master, and one with an incinerator) a Grey Knight Dread with Heavy Bolter and Incinerator, and my Inquisitorial Storm Troopers (with 2 plasma guns, they all died on turn 2).

    If I unloaded everything on the Torvigons, I would have killed maybe 1 per turn, of those in range, if that. (they stayed in 4+ cover obscured for the first 4 turns). Thats assuming nothing of mine died or got into combat with the Gaunts, which they did by turn 3 - and there was usually enough I couldnt kill them all in one round. It might have worked but it would have required some pretty good luck on my part (which I was not getting on my rolls anyways).

    What I went for is shooting at and assaulting the Gaunts, using any gaps that I made or consolidation moves as my ticket to get into close combat with the Tervigons. I managed to kill 2 with this and draw the match (2 objectives) but I think with the slain Tervigon rule I might have killed a 3rd, oh well :) Much of a Muchness I guess.

    Thanks for confirmation on the rule :) Wil lremember for next time.