Monday, May 24, 2010

Playing Warmachine, first impression!

Howdy fellows! (and fellowettes... or...something similar)

I was recently at my local game store and was offerred an intro game to Warmachine by our friendly volunteer privateer press rep. I had a while to kill and had been eyeing it off for a while and thought i'd give it a go.

For those who are familiar with other games, but haven't had a game of warmachine yet, it has been best described to me as Magic the Gathering, Warhammer (fantasy), Mechwarrior and a little bit of D&D all in a blender, and according to Privateer Press, some nads of steel.

And really it kinda is. Because of how the game plays, you can 'stack' your abilities for some very interesting tactics, like MTG. Your stat lines are very similar to WHFB, having different systems on your warjack (or Mech :P) is much like Mechwarrior, and the way your actions work, aswell as most things being based on opposed rolls, is much like D&D 4th ed. Now alot of these things are very standard mechanics, but they're integrated in thier own special way - so it really does have it's own unique flavour. With the way the game plays as a whole it all feels very original which is very refreshing as a regular avid table top gamer and board gamer.

I chose Khador as my faction and ran with the basic warcaster you get in the army pack, and two warjacks (the Devestator and the Juggernaut, I think). The models were really nice, though they were the 'extreme' sculpts which cost a little more than usual. Playing against Cygnar I was a little out numbered but certainly not out gunned. Khador run the heaviest of heavy jacks, or so I'm told, and so I had plenty of punch to pack.

Really the game was awesome fun. The rules were easy to learn, and the freedom with tactics was so refreshing. In warhammer 40k, you tend to use each unit individually for a specific purpose that's part of a much larger picture. In Warmachine, every turn feels like it's the larger picture. I found myself strategising on a very different level compared to warhammer, and the whole game felt like it had a much more intense pace.

I'm pretty much sold in WarMachine, and intend on starting my Khador army in the near future... sometime after I finish painting the Warhammer i currently have hanging around ;)

I've now read the whole rulebook too - if you have any more questions on what I thought of the game as a noob, please ask in the comments below :)

I've also been thinking of putting my ugly mug in front of a camera and Video-ising my blog posts in the future (part of why I havent been posting lately, is consideration and testing and pondering my direction for this) What do you all think? would you like to see something a bit more visual? Or do i really have a face for radio?
post below :)