Monday, September 20, 2010

Ogre Kingdoms in 8th Ed review - In Depth part three: Rare Units!

Aha! Yes! I am Alive!!

I have however been quite ill, hence lack of posting. Though I should have some mini photos and reviews for you of my ogres in the next few weeks! :)

And so, on with this "week"s episode, Rare choices. This will be, a very short episode, as to be honest I have a hard time effectively using the Rare Choices in the Ogre army. They all have thier purpose, but they just don't seem to do it as well as some other options, except for maybe Gorgers. Well, here we go!

Well... it's a giant! Giant's are generally pretty fun, but as far as they go, the Slavegiant is supposed to be the worst. I say supposed to be as I have a difficult time seeing why. The Slavegiant doesn't have stubborn, however it's 30 pts cheaper than the orcs and goblins giant. I suppose you can't use it to tie up big scary units without stubborn, but really in 8th ed there's better and cheaper ways to do that (a big block of gnoblars, for example) . If you like Giants, take him, which also lets you have the "Giant Breaker" big name on your Lord aswell (more on that later). Just don't waste him trying to tie up a block of Knights.

WWAD: Take one in a friendly game - I like minis like that!

Rhinox Riders:
They take up both your Rare and Special points, see 'Special' for my opinion on them

In 7th ed, there was many reasons to take a Maneater, and I've heard people say it's not worth taking them anymore - they are wrong.. If you outfit one the same as an Irongut Gutlord, you pay 22pts extra, and get +1 WS, +2 BS, +1Str and +1 In. Take handguns for only 6 pts more. it's a pretty good deal, but what to do with them? Most ogre blocks are only three wide - I recommend taking them to replace your Gutlords and Crushers (unit champions). Why? Well most people play with Musician and Standard Bearer, leaving only one spot in the front rank. You only get three attacks from the second rank, so no point having both and putting a Gutlord or Crusher back there. It also gives your unit Stubborn (which you want with Ogres) however you don't get the 'Immune to Psychology' rule.

WWAD: If you've got the points, Put them in the front row of a block of bulls, with your Butcher/Slaughtermaster/BSB in the second rank to keep him alive. Remember the rules with front rank - your Command unit MUST be in the front rank as a priority, so your Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer. Characters come second to them for the front-rank rules, so if you have a champion you HAVE to put a character in the second rank, or stretch your first rank out to 4 wide (which I feel is a lil too wide for Ogres in 8th)

Ah these guys can be fun, or can be useless. They come on the table almost like Reserves , and come on the table edge. They are Stronger, Tougher and have one more wound than your standard ogre. but cost almost double.. IF you get into a situation where you could get a flank charge off by coming on the side of the table, they will fulfill thier purpose quite well, however if your opponent is smart, seeing Gorgers on the list they may deploy and move towards the centre, making them quite difficult to get any value out of. Take a couple if you think you can pull it off, otherwise stick with the more solid options.

Edit: thanks to Max for reminding me, Gorgers can come in from any table edge, this includes behind your opponents deployment zone! making them MUCH more useful than I had originally realised (for many obvious reasons). Thanks Max!

WWAD: I tend to avoid them, their usefulness is too dependent on the opponents strategy (and what turn they come out on). If you do take them, they can be awesome at scaring your actual opponent as they look and sound like massive issues for them, but a smart opponent will not be concerned. have a few games with them yourself, and see what you think!

and so that concludes the Rare choices of Ogres.

Stay tuned "soon"™ for the final part, Lords & Heroes!



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Friday, September 3, 2010

Ogre Kingdoms in 8th Ed review - In Depth part two: Special

Welcome back!

Today's discussion will be about the all-important 'special' choices. Decisions here can be hard, and using them can be harder - so hopefully our discussion will flesh things out a little :)


The Gnoblar Scraplauncher:

To have a gnoblar scraplauncher you need patience, a keen mind, problem solving abilities, snap decision making and a steady hand.. and that's just to put the accursed model together!!! Scraplaunchers, as a model, are renown at being one of the most difficult models ever to put together, let-alone to get a good result - I recommend lots of Greenstuff.

Now that your model is in one piece, let's talk tactics! with 8th Edition the Gnoblar Scraplauncher has had a bit of a boost, and can do some good damage. On the other hand, misfiring with it can be very very painful - you'll notice this with Ogres, their misfire and miscast results tend to be fairly unforgiving. If you manage to not misfire, and you hit, with Killing Blow and a large pie plate, you'll be very happy with the results

They are, of course with most things Gnoblar, quite deceptive. Most people see it as a war machine, like a Catapult and think they can throw some weak, fast moving (usually flying) unit at it and take it out quickly, or tie it up for a few turns They are usually very quickly surprised (and terrified) when they realise it's a chariot, causing D3 impact hits, and it can move and fire.. oh and it causes fear, not to mention has a reasonable stat line!!

WWAD: Take as many as you're comfortable to, and enjoy. Scraplauncher's are lots of fun, but can be unforgiving. Personally, if I'm playing a game where my opponent doesn't like being against Forgeworld minis/rules, I take two of them. A tip on assembly, use a thin line/blob of greenstuff on all the joints , start with the rhinox and his strap piece, then the scraplauncher base, and finally the top half, leaving time for the greenstuff to set in-between.

Rhinox Riders (Forgeworld minis and rules):

Probably my favorite unit to date! There is a little of a debacle with these however, rules wise, which is so: The rules were ORIGINALLY released as a 'Warhammer Chronicles' article, which to my understanding is kinda like a 'Chapter Approved' thing for fantasy - White Dwarf #309 I believe had the rules. They are no longer on the GW website however since it was re-done, and hence it is likely you will not be allowed to use them in tourneys, and sometimes not even in local comps.

Should you get to use them however, be prepared for some fun. Most importantly, due to being Bad tempered they need to be positioned very carefully so as not to be baited into units designed to tie them up (to get a flank charge, slow them down, whatever). and they can only wheel ONCE in any move. Careful deployment and meticulously planned movement until your get your charge off is required, after which the pain begins on your poor opponent..

As you can only take 3 models max, I highly recommend Heavy Armor and the Ironfists as per usual for survivability (despite having quite a few wounds anyways). note however an ironfist can ONLY be used as a shield for rhinox riders. Full Command can't hurt either (and as many Bull Rhinoxen that you can afford ;)) You cant max out your options with your Rhinox riders in games less than 2250 pts, as they take up Rare AND Special points.

WWAD: Take them, move them like you're playing Chess against Kasparov, and let the carnage begin!!


Hmmmm... for almost 30 points more than an Bull, you get +1 Movement, +1 Strength, a magic weapon, and lose the armor.. Bulls have AP as well so the +1 str only helps you on the 'to wound' roll, which is not a constant, where as AP is. Yhetees are invaluable when facing an army that contains ethereal units, so take some if you think you might be having such an issue, or if you like the fluffyness of them. There are better ways to spend your points, me thinks.

WWAD: If I am facing some ethereal units, I tend to just try and avoid them, or throw my tyrant and some spells at them. Remember you can still win combat without causing any casualities, however this is likely to slow you down as an army. I just hope I dont face them too often! :)


A fun unit, but one with some painful disadvantages. Like the Scraplauncher, they are deceptive, but kinda in the opposite way. Shooting wise, they have no penalties for moving and shooting, long range or for multiple shots, meaning they always hit on 4s. So they sound and look terrifying to most opponents, however with only a 12" range, they are likely to be charged after getting their first volley off, and this is bad.

They have a maximum unit size of 5, meaning you can't rank them up, without a character joining them (which are better off with your bulls or ironguts, I wish Bruisers/Tyrants could take a Leadbelcher cannon). After misfiring, they need to spend an entire turn stationary and out of combat before firing again (assuming you don't blow up 25% of your unit and run away). They only have Light armor (with no shields), and so on

In 7th ed this wasnt so bad as with Ogres you tended to play MSU lists, 3 bulls here and 3 ironguts there, another 3 bulls, and then 3 leadbelchers etc. etc. In 8th ed it becomes quite a disability I feel. They tend now to best serve as a bait unit against combat heavy armies, or as flankers that can get a few good shots off here and there.

WWAD: Take a couple of small units if you've got the points to spare, and use them as flankers. If you end up facing a combat heavy list or army, like chaos, try keeping them together as a baiting unit. when you shoot, put emphasis on the words when you say how many shots you get, and try to downplay it when you blow yourself up and run away, or alternatively don't wound too many guys.. Pretend they're a dominating force to be reckoned wit, and hope your opponent doesn't realise you're bluffing!!

Well I hope you've all enjoyed todays discussion and had some handy info out of it!

See you all next time for part three! Rare units!

Over and out