Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ogre Kingdoms in 8th Ed review - In Depth part four: Heroes and Lords - final!


And so, finally, we move on to the last section, Heroes and Lords.

I would confidently say that this is one of the most difficult sections to make decisions, especially in smaller games! but then Ogres get this issue regularly, as games get smaller they become a more and more difficult army to play.

And so, what do you do? In regards to items, arcane and otherwise, I'll only be discussing those that are standout items. With 8th ed so many armies have access to the same stuff, so there's plenty of info out there on this already.

Let's get to it!


I always, always, always take a bruiser! Regardless of the game size he has a use! in small games he would be of course your general, but in 2000 pt games I re-purpose him to a BSB - something you should always have! there are plenty of good options here if he is your general. I always try to match him to the squad you're putting him in, but give him the armor of destiny for some survivability. A Luck Gnoblar never goes astray if you've got 5 pts hanging around aswell!

As a BSB your options are a little more limited - Magic Banners are the go here - take one you feel will benefit the squad he's in, and will fill a need aswell - if you're having trouble with armor for example, a razor banner never goes astray - not only could you take ironfists or xtraHW and still get armor piercing on your additional attack, but it would also effect your impact hits and stomp!!

WWAD: take one, squish things! think of where you want him on the table when deploying (in which squad) and take some time considering what equipment/magic banner would give you the most benefits there.

Another must! Unfortunately however, a Butcher cannot be a general, so good luck fitting one into small list. Many people diss the Gut Magic, but personally I think it's brilliant. Sure it's remains in play on only a 7+ dispel, but I've honestly never had much trouble keeping all my spells in play at once.

The difficulty here is, at 130 pts for the base model, it can be hard to fit as many as you'd like. If you're afraid of popping your own Butcher with miscasts, or even just from casting's side effects, the halfling cookbook and a Blood Cleaver never go astray.

WWAD: If you can manage to take one Butcher for each Ogre unit you have, you'll be sitting pretty. this can be difficult to do though, and you may find you can't afford the items that protect you from yourself. in 2000 pts, with a Bruiser BSB, I generally can't fit 2 butchers how i'd like (one with the halfling cookbook, and the other with a blood cleaver) so you have to think about whether you're comfortable sacrificing other things for thid.

Yech! While the hunter is ok, and has some cool rules, it's important to remember your points expenditure is limited, and at 15 pts more than a bruiser or butcher, it's a risky choice. Great for a spot of fun, but I think the pain of being a Butcher, a Bruiser shorter than usual would be much greater

WWAD: don't bother, unless you really like the idea or really want to give them a go.

Ah, the bruiser's big daddy!! 70 more pts gives you +1WS, +1BS (making pistols a cool idea), +1 Wim +1 In +1 Attack, and +1 Ld! pretty good deal if you ask me! And with 100 pts of magic items available, you can give him some pretty cool magic weapons etc. as well.

WWAD: As usual, think of which squad you're putting him in, and outfit him to fill a need there. Personally I put him in a block of Ironguts, with the armor of destiny, the tenderiser, handguns and some luck gnobbo just in case. The weakness with this build, is against High Elf models with the Multiple Wounds special rule - basically you're boned if he challenges you. either avoid or try a different build if you're coming up against this alot.

Hm.. required a Tyrant to use.. so you wont see him in small games. 70 pts more gives you all the same benefits between bruiser and tyrant. It's just a more beefy Butcher, not alot to say about him

WWAD: Take one if you can afford one, but I wouldn't expect to see them in anything less than 3000 pts

Greasus Goldtooth:
Really overpriced points wise if you ask me. for 365 pts more than a Tyrant (yes, 365) you get -2 Mv, -1 BS, a str 10 magic weapon, +1 Str/To, -2 Attacks, some special rules and a 4+ Ward.

He's great for flavour, but that appears to be about it - at 565 pts you won't see him at 2000 pts where alot of games are played, and he just doesnt seem worth it in 8th

WWAD: You can really easily build up a better tyrant for less. So if you like the stats on Greasus, take a Tyrant instead. My build is: Brace of handguns, a Luck Gnoblar, The Tenderiser, and the Armor of Destiny. then I put him in my Ironguts with the razor magic banner.

If you get off your butcher buffs on this unit, that gives you:
WS6 BS 4 , 5x Str 8 AP attacks with D3 multiple wounds, base Str and To 6 and a 5+ armor with 4+ Ward... Much better, and only 317pts by comparison

Skrag the Slaughterer:
Now we're talkin!, costs double a Slaughtermaster, but if you like Gorgers (and I have really begun to) this guy is awesome. His special rules buff him and the Gorgers up which is awesome, and you can take more than usual (2 only take up one choice), on the downside they become special options, which means less pts to be spent on scraplaunchers (of which i have already discussed thier brilliance)

And of course, he's a caster too! so yay for him!

WWAD: If you prefer Gorgers to Scraplaunchers, then take him! otherwise it can be a head choice. With his special rules, there's no reason to not take as many Gorgers with him as possible, so you may find your points limit in the Special secition a bit hard to stretch as far as you're used to. All in all an awesome character however!

Well I hope you all liked the review, and I hope some of you Ogre players got some tips out of it!

Have fun!