Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ogre Kingdoms Ironblaster - Standing and Shooting

I highly Debated topic among Ogre Kingdoms players and other armies' players alike, but unfortunately, so many are just not reading the rules right. I tend to be the rules afficiado for alot of games played with friends, and at the LFGS. While I might get things wrong off the top of my head, of course I'm not perfect, I do tend to put a fair bit of faith in my interpretations of the rules :)

Unfortunately, fact is, Ironblasters can Stand and shoot, until Errata'd otherwise. Here's why:

the Sky Cannon says that it "Fires like a normal cannon, using the profile and special rules below", so first, by this we use the profile and special rules below (and no other SPECIAL rules, like say, slow to fire), of which 'slow to fire' as mentioned, is not one, so it can stand and shoot.

You'll also notice the Scraplauncher has the rule worded differently (for which there is a reason - so that it cannot stand and shoot) and says "The Scraplauncher IS a stone thrower, WITH the rules below"... Same writer, different wording - the intention is clear (RAI)

Now, the primary argument against has been that:

the sky-titan cannon must be a war machine weapon as it falls into the war machine part of the rule book.. further, the rulebook says "Unless specified, all war machines weapons have the move or fire special rule" Now, if you re-read from the start again, you'll notice that the rulebook SPECIFIES that you are using the Special rules that follow, in the IB section of the OK rulebook"

There's a grammatical error here (again which ill come back to) where all this confusion stems from, but more importantly, that particular sentence is under "Shooting with War Machines" note that does not say "shooting with War Machine weapons".. again Ill come back to the whole 'war machines weapons' thing. The IB is not a war machine, it is a chariot.. Likewise under the same section, I do not get a free pivot in the shooting phase, as listed under the same heading, like a war machine does, as I'm a chariot.. more importantly whilst I do have a "crew" I can't force you to only attack with 6 models (see, 'War Machines in close combat') and further, the weapon is not destroyed should I be forced to flee (see 'Movement' under 'War Machines') Furthermore again, I do not fail all characteristic tests (save T and Ld) as per 'Characteristic tests' under 'War Machines' Everyone can agree on these facts comfortably, but not Stand And Shoot.. why?

its the phrase "all War Machines Weapons" it doesn't quite make sense.. given this, We have to assume that the first possible definition listed below is true, and therefor allows IB to stand and shoot. I know alot of people don't like this, but the problem is you cannot prove otherwise while using the rules in full (i.e. I am NOT Shooting WITH a War Machine, hence that paragraph does not apply to my IB, simpel as that)

the first possible definition is that it should say "All of a War Machine's Weapons", the grammatically closest phrase that makes sense in the english language, to what has been put into the book, which allows stand and shoot (as this is a Chariot's Weapons)

The other possible definition is that it should say "All Weapons that would normally be mounted on or part of a War Machine" or "All Cannons, Fire Throwers, Stone Throwers, and Bolt Throwers".. The problem is this is too far from the existing sentence to be what was likely intended, it's not just 1 adjoining words and an apostraphe, it entirely restructures the sentence.. If this was what was intended, the BRB needs to be errata'd, not necessarily the OK rule book.

With this in mind, the Wording of the rules surrounding this indicate I can stand and shoot (RAW)

Some people have also likened this to the Hell Cannon, which cannot stand and shoot.. the difference is, simply, it has been errata'd, saying it specifically cannot Stand And Shoot, and further, can't move and fire. The IB can move and fire, we know thaat, and it is a chariot, not a monster like the HC. More importantly, no errata says that we cannot stand and shoot. Even further, the HC rules say it "fires as a stone thrower" rather than "LIKE a normal stone thrower, using the profile and special rules below". so unfortunately, cop grapeshot to the face :P

It satisfies both RAI and RAW.. there's really not much you can do to stop it (except score bad sports, which some TOs have encouraged - I guess I should do the same if any HE players take Teclis? or maybe just HE players? :P)



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Ogre Kingdoms - The Facts

Evenin ladies and gents!!!

For anyone who was hoping to hear some Lamenters news and progess, my condolences - With a much-awaited bun in my fiances oven, I have been very busy.

This post is purely about the Facts re: the new ogre kingdoms army book. That is, information that will only be considered any more "confirmed" when you're holding the new book in a few days :) So let's begin!!

'Gut Magic' is revamped quite a bit, now called 'Lore of the Great Maw' 6 spells and a signiature spellm with normal casting values (no more 3+) The signiature spell is a 6+/9+ 12"/24" augment giving stubborn till the start of the next magic phase

Bloodgruel is the lore attribute, giving replenished wounds on a 2-6 and a +1 on the next spell/dispell, and a S6 hit on a 1.

Ogre Mages (Butchers/Slaughtermasters) can also select from Lore of Beasts, Fire or Heavens, so long as one mage has the Lore of the Great Maw

Units a less pts and come with more wargear, as detailed below.. some specifics not available - but a 2000 pt army I would estimate will now only cost 1800 to be kitted out the same

All the metal models appear to have been made into Finecast options, sweet!

Ogre Charge:
Similar to before, but with no minimum distance. also rolling a '10' on the charge gives +1 impact hit

Ogre Bulls/Bulls:

now only 30pts and come with light armor, statlines look the same but upgrades are cheaper (only 2 pts for ironfists, woot!)

Down in pts again, 43 pts each and options are cheaper!

more expensive! crazy! now 2.5pts a pop, but have options for musicians and standard bearers - trappers are now an upgrade it appears.

StoneHorn and Thundertusk
the new biggies - most the rules are in WD381, and he's 250 pts

Gnoblar Scraplauncher:
Down to 130pts, no word on rules

170 pts


look like 43pts a pop


WD381 appears to imply they can make a vanguard move??

That's all I've got so far, but I tell ya, I'm really looking forward to this :D


Monday, March 14, 2011

The Badab war and the Lamenters

Greetings all!

Well the decision has been made - Blood Angels (kinda) it is! Ogres have been shelved until at least 1000pts have been painted, but I promise there will be an army and there will be pics :)

So while I was hesitate on picking a new 40k army, and play testing a few lists (I have settled on a very Rhino/Baal heavy list) my FLGS started a new league/competition for the next couple months. For something different (and because the store's players has many half-painted, or quickly painted armies) it will have a 50% painting component on points, with the Grand Prize being Imperial Armor 9 and 10 - nice!

The catch is, the colour scheme must be an army that participated in the Badab war. and so, after a challenge, I have selected the Lamenters. Thier fluff is pretty awesome too, here's some info on them:

It's going to be a great lot of fun! each round is one fortnight, consisting of one painting comp and one battle. Each fortnight has a $65(RRP) limit (so that you can't spend ridiculous moneys getting custom sculpts for example). It starts at 125 pts (combat patrol? I can't remember) and goes up 25 pts each fortnight till it hits 200 - after which it goes up 200pts a fortnight of regular 40k games until hitting 1000. Participants are judged on the improvement in painting skills fortnight to fortnight, and then must have a battle with their painted force. One week there is also a display board challenge - so by the end it should make us as a store much more competitive in the painting and display categories at the bigger tourneys.

I will be planning on posting each fortnight my progress on painting and battle report, so stay tuned!

I'd also like to give a quick 'Look at this' for dark art miniatures resin bases - they'll be supplying my bases for the project and they look great, check em out at:



Monday, February 7, 2011

Sold my Grey Knights.. Blood Angels on the table... now what??

Long time no see!!

Before I get onto the main topic today, a quick update on my Ogres. I've been slowly painting them up for a while now, and shortly should have a Full 2000pt army (with a few options) painted up to show you all. I wanted to leave them till they're done before posting pics. Hopefully you'll all like them! :)

But onto the latest - with the announcement of the NEW Grey Knights coming, I figured it was time for a change. See Daemonhunters were the first army that I had completed an army, painted in their entirety, and played with. I had been since they first came out back in 3rd edition, and had become extremely attached to how they played even in 5th (there's [was?] alot of good tricks and tips when it came to Daemonhunters in 5th). They presented a great challenge, with shortages in scoring units, anti-tank weaponry, and lacking basic wargear (grenades anyone?) it was difficult and I loved every second of it.

Needless to say I got a good packet for them..but now what? Tau were the first army I ever played with.. Blood Angels the first I ever bought (back in the days of the 'Angels of Death' dex), and I have a few boxes of Vanilla marines ready to be painted, with no direction.

And so, I decided originally, Blood Angels it would be. I tried to play to a few of their strengths, and have had a few games with proxies, including trying out the Stormraven, but I've found a challenge of a new type.. adapting.

See my playstyle was very specific with Grey Knights and it ran brilliantly when I was on my game, but it just doesn't seem to work the same.. I struggle to utilise my Stormravens without having them pop in a turn or two, and I've have troubles with building a strong list, even McAwesome (seen below, name origin at the end of the blog) has been felled more often than I'd be happy with.

So maybe I've been going about it the wrong way.. Maybe I should be playing to my strengths. or another way to put it, maybe I should be playing to what were my weaknesses, and use the newer lists benefits to just balance out the playing field. So here's my 750 pt (for small fun games) and 1500 pt (for more serious games) lists for your perusal and commen, enjoy! :)

750pts Bangles

Librarian with Blood Lance and Unleash Rage
-Jump Pack

Sanguinary Priest
-Jump Pack

Assault Squad (7 troops)
-Infernus Pistol
.Power Fist

Assault Squad (6 troops)
-Infernus Pistol
.Melta Bombs

Baal Predator w/ Flamestorm Cannon
Baal Predator w/ Flamestorm Cannon

1500 pt Bangles

Librarian with Blood Boil and Unleash Rage
-Jump Pack
-Hand Flamer

Sanguinary Priest
-Jump Pack
-Hand Flamer
-Power Support

Assault Squad (10 troops)
-Infernus Pistol x2
-Sarg (Sgt. Punchy Punch)
.Power Fists x2
.Melta Bombs

Assault Squad (10 troops)
-Infernus Pistol x2
-Sarg (McAwesome)
.Power Sword
.Plasma Pistol
.Melta Bombs
.Combat Shield

Death Company (6 troops)
-Infernus Pistol
-Power Fist

Death Company Dreadnought
-Blood Talons
-Heavy Flamer

Baal Predator w/ Flamestorm Cannon
Baal Predator w/ Flamestorm Cannon

Will see how they run over the next few weeks :)



The story of McAwesome: 'twas Kill teams.. McAwesome and his crew of 4 against a squadron of bikers and meltas. First and second turns, his crew are torn to shreds, leaving only McAwesome to take on the tide. inexplicably he tears through the squadron like a man posessed, none left living in his wake.

((we agree that the man previously known as "generic Assault Squad sargeant" can take a beating, and so my opponent keeps throwing bikes at him till he drops))

Exhausted, more riders enter the field - McAwesome moves to greet the, amongst volleys of arms fire - unscathed he tears them limb from limb. wave after wave of bikers come and are felled, a good 20 bikes after the first squadron, McAwesome, finally exhausted by the fight, is caught flat-footed and takes a melta gun to the face, Living a legend to fight another day. (after extensive medical attention apparently lol)

And that, is the story of McAwesome :)