Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Ogre Kingdoms - The Facts

Evenin ladies and gents!!!

For anyone who was hoping to hear some Lamenters news and progess, my condolences - With a much-awaited bun in my fiances oven, I have been very busy.

This post is purely about the Facts re: the new ogre kingdoms army book. That is, information that will only be considered any more "confirmed" when you're holding the new book in a few days :) So let's begin!!

'Gut Magic' is revamped quite a bit, now called 'Lore of the Great Maw' 6 spells and a signiature spellm with normal casting values (no more 3+) The signiature spell is a 6+/9+ 12"/24" augment giving stubborn till the start of the next magic phase

Bloodgruel is the lore attribute, giving replenished wounds on a 2-6 and a +1 on the next spell/dispell, and a S6 hit on a 1.

Ogre Mages (Butchers/Slaughtermasters) can also select from Lore of Beasts, Fire or Heavens, so long as one mage has the Lore of the Great Maw

Units a less pts and come with more wargear, as detailed below.. some specifics not available - but a 2000 pt army I would estimate will now only cost 1800 to be kitted out the same

All the metal models appear to have been made into Finecast options, sweet!

Ogre Charge:
Similar to before, but with no minimum distance. also rolling a '10' on the charge gives +1 impact hit

Ogre Bulls/Bulls:

now only 30pts and come with light armor, statlines look the same but upgrades are cheaper (only 2 pts for ironfists, woot!)

Down in pts again, 43 pts each and options are cheaper!

more expensive! crazy! now 2.5pts a pop, but have options for musicians and standard bearers - trappers are now an upgrade it appears.

StoneHorn and Thundertusk
the new biggies - most the rules are in WD381, and he's 250 pts

Gnoblar Scraplauncher:
Down to 130pts, no word on rules

170 pts


look like 43pts a pop


WD381 appears to imply they can make a vanguard move??

That's all I've got so far, but I tell ya, I'm really looking forward to this :D


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  1. maneaters can pick the special rules, vanguard is one, they can also have stubbon, itp, sniper, scout and swiftstride (can't remember the rest)going to have scouting sniper maneaters myself, should pick off a pesky mage or two !