Monday, March 14, 2011

The Badab war and the Lamenters

Greetings all!

Well the decision has been made - Blood Angels (kinda) it is! Ogres have been shelved until at least 1000pts have been painted, but I promise there will be an army and there will be pics :)

So while I was hesitate on picking a new 40k army, and play testing a few lists (I have settled on a very Rhino/Baal heavy list) my FLGS started a new league/competition for the next couple months. For something different (and because the store's players has many half-painted, or quickly painted armies) it will have a 50% painting component on points, with the Grand Prize being Imperial Armor 9 and 10 - nice!

The catch is, the colour scheme must be an army that participated in the Badab war. and so, after a challenge, I have selected the Lamenters. Thier fluff is pretty awesome too, here's some info on them:

It's going to be a great lot of fun! each round is one fortnight, consisting of one painting comp and one battle. Each fortnight has a $65(RRP) limit (so that you can't spend ridiculous moneys getting custom sculpts for example). It starts at 125 pts (combat patrol? I can't remember) and goes up 25 pts each fortnight till it hits 200 - after which it goes up 200pts a fortnight of regular 40k games until hitting 1000. Participants are judged on the improvement in painting skills fortnight to fortnight, and then must have a battle with their painted force. One week there is also a display board challenge - so by the end it should make us as a store much more competitive in the painting and display categories at the bigger tourneys.

I will be planning on posting each fortnight my progress on painting and battle report, so stay tuned!

I'd also like to give a quick 'Look at this' for dark art miniatures resin bases - they'll be supplying my bases for the project and they look great, check em out at: